Monday, August 25, 2014

Nap Time Is Over (Husband and Wife Challenge)

Naptime is Over 

Adam, you went down a man and rose a husband.
Your wife from your ribs HE did mend.
Can you handle it?

Adam, what sort of helper will she be?
She will from her father and mother flee.
Can you handle it? 

Adam, she is “bone of your bones, flesh of your flesh”.* 
Her life with yours will mesh.
Can you handle it?

Eve, you were created while he slept.
From your husband’s ribs you leapt.
Can you handle it?

Eve, what sort of helper will you be?
You will from your father and mother flee.
Can you handle it?

Eve, you are “bone of his bones, flesh of his flesh”.
Your life with his will mesh.
Can you handle it?

Yes, you can. 
Our Father above,
Rained down HIS love,
When He created husband – and wife.   

Yes, you can. 
Helpers come in all shapes and sizes,
United a new family arises,
When two join as husband – and wife.

Yes, you can.
It is unique and amazing,
That with a certificate and a ring,
Couples can build a new life together – as husband and wife.

* Genesis 2:21-24 (NKJV)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Poetry coming soon!

Through the Faithwriters challenge I am trying new things and my most recent experiment is poetry.  Will post it soon.  Thanks.


Angels and Baristas (Right and Left Challenge)

Angels and Baristas

            “I’m sorry Brent but I just can’t marry you.” Emphasizing her point Laura took his ring off her finger and gave it back to him. 
            “Is there a reason Laura?” a concerned Brent asked dipping his bread stick in the marinara sauce.
            “Your proposal didn’t leave me room to refuse but that is exactly what I wanted to do.  In fact, I was working up the courage to break-up when you threw your surprise in.  Another few days and we wouldn’t have been a couple anymore.”
            “I see. “
            “No, I don’t think you ‘see’.” Trying to stay calm Laura leaned in and whispered,  “Our relationship has damaged my relationship with God and I am choosing now to go back to my first love.” Gathering momentum Laura pleaded “Please don’t call me, text me or e-mail me ever again.  I don’t want to hear from you.”  With that Laura stood up from the table, adjusted her purse strap and left the restaurant not even bothering to look back at Brent’s stunned expression. 

            Several hours later, after taking care of business, Laura sprinted into the mall and made a beeline for the communication kiosk in the middle of the mall.  Reaching her destination moments before closing she managed to gasp out her intentions for changing her phone number.  “I need to do this now,“ she said with a sense of urgency. 
            “I’m sorry ma’am but you are just going to have to come back tomorrow morning.  We don’t have time to change a number tonight.”
            “You don’t understand.  I am leaving town in a few hours and I can’t be traveling with the same number,” a desperate Laura pleaded.
            “There is nothing we can do. Sorry.”
            With nothing else to do and nowhere to go Laura picked up her bags and dragged herself to the bus stop.  Scoping out the area she spotted a cafĂ© with a friendly window display and decided to pass the time there where at least she could cool down from the intense July heat.  Her stomach rumbled, reminding her that she had not eaten since her lunch break earlier.  Having no money for anything other than her bus ticket and something to drink she settled down into the cracked blue vinyl seat and ordered an iced tea. 
            The urge to sob came upon her so suddenly Laura gasped for air and let the tears flow.  The years of pain melted away as the healing touch of an angel soothed her hurting soul.  Fifteen minutes later Laura finally looked up and realized it was an older woman who was comforting her. 
            “Just let it flow honey, let it flow,” the kind woman soothed. 
            It was in that cradled position Laura found herself at morning’s light.  Extracting herself carefully from the stranger’s sleeping embrace proved to be more difficult than imagined.   Just when she thought she couldn’t handle it anymore the chirping of her cell phone awakened the now smiling woman.  Figuring it was Brent wanting her to reconsider she let it go to voice mail.  At least he wouldn’t find her at her apartment or her job. 
            “Good morning sugar.  My name is Angel and I own this establishment.  What’s yours and why the tears?” Angel asked.
            “I’m Laura.” Before she could stop herself Laura poured out her story.  Not revealing too many details she told Angel about her dream three nights before and her visit from an angelic being with a warning.  The crossroads in her life could take her two different directions.  Right would bring her closer to knowing her Savior better and his plans for her life.  Left was her current path with Brent the manipulator and abuser.  Wrestling all night with the decision led her to break up with Brent the day before and try to leave town after quitting her job. 
            Angel listened sympathetically until Laura was finished.  “It sounds like you’ve been through a lot. “  Inspired, Angel asked, “Why don’t you come home with me and rest for a few days?  I will take care of you.” 
            “You are too kind.  How can I ever repay you?” Laura yawned.
            “Well, I am always on the lookout for baristas with great service skills.  Does that sound like something you could do?” Angel asked her crystal blue eyes focused on Laura. 
            “I was the best barista at my shop,” Laura answered proudly. 
            “Perfect.  Your new life down the right path starts now.”

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Salt and Pepper Challenge

Saltines and Pepper-Jack Cheese

            “Sir, can you describe the perpetrator?” Sally, the police officer, kindly asked Peter about the hit and run accident.
            “Gray mini-van, female driver about 60 with short salt and pepper hair, wearing sunglasses.  Washington license plate started with a Z.” 
            Satisfied with Peter’s response Sally thanked him and turned to the victim of the crime, Peter’s 16-year old nephew Matthew.  “Is there anything else I can help you with today Matthew?”
            Leaning against his recently purchased red clunker Matthew crossed his arms and winked.  “Just make sure you catch her. Thanks.”
            Taken aback by the wink from a teenager Sally couldn’t get away fast enough.  She sprinted to her waiting patrol car and sped off. 
            “Did you have to be such a tease Matthew? After all she was only trying to help,” Uncle Peter scolded his oldest nephew. 
            Humbled now, with his head held low, Matthew muttered, “Sorry Uncle Peter”. 
Seated in the tow truck’s cab on their way to the mechanic Matthew asked his uncle, “What is salt and pepper hair?”
            “My hair is salt and pepper,” came the quick reply.
            “You mean there is an actual name for your hair color?” the teenager asked with a bit of a squeak.  “I thought people just called it black and white. Why do they call it salt and pepper anyways?”
            “Well, I don’t know where the name originated from but in our family we start going white early.  When my first white hairs arrived I found a way to make a joke of it.  I call it saltines and pepper-jack cheese.”
Matthew’s quizzical look encouraged him to continue. 
“At first glance those two foods seem to be from different worlds.  And really they are.  But, and this is the good part, you put them together and they make a delicious snack.  Have you ever tried it?”
            “Are we talking about food or your hair?” asked Matthew.
 “Are you sure it is not your personality showing through?”
            This time it was Uncle Peter’s turn to share a quizzical look with his nephew.
            Matthew continued, “I have noticed that as you get older you mellow out more and it seems to correspond with the amount of white hairs you grow.  Mom told me stories of you in your younger days and how you caused a lot of trouble for Grandma and Grandpa.  I like to think of it as a spicy personality.”  Matthew laughed nervously at his own joke about spices.  “This morning is a good example of the change.  There was nothing spicy about you scolding me.”
            “In other words, saltines are a lot more boring than pepper-jack cheese and I am a lot more boring than I used to be.  Is that it?” Peter asked teasingly giving Matthew a playful punch on the arm.
            “No, it means that you have both of those characteristics and they blend well together.  Just like your salt and pepper hair.  Salt and pepper together speak of maturity. Matthew paused for effect before continuing, “In my opinion at least.”
             “Matthew, those are some profound thoughts for someone who just a moment ago hadn’t heard of salt and pepper hair.”
            Trying to shrug off his uncle’s praise Matthew said, “Yeah, well, . . . So, when do I get to try your favorite snack?“
            “How about as soon as we reach your grandparent’s place?”

            “Sounds like a plan to me,” Matthew said with a wink. 

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Pen and Paper Challenge 'A Complement Lesson'

A Complement Lesson

“Hi Penny.  Do you want to hear my poem?” Pepe Pen asked as he sidled up to Penny Paper.    Not waiting for a response he launched into his latest creation.

“I’m a writer.
You’re a reader.
We belong together.

You like books.
I like songs.
In any type of weather.”

            “That’s great Pepe,” a dejected Penny responded without emotion.

            Not exactly what he was expecting, Penny’s reply produced a frown as Pepe contemplated his best friend’s somber mood.  This new attitude of hers just didn’t fit her sunny disposition!  “What’s wrong Penny?” he finally asked.

            Sighing deeply Penny said, “I wish I could write like you.  In fact I wish I was a pen in the hand of a skillful writer.  Then I could accomplish more in my life instead of waiting for someone to write their story on me. “ 

            “But what would happen to our friendship if we were both pens?” an incredulous Pepe asked.  “Where would that leave our readers? Please don’t be so hasty to wish upon yourself something that has no value.”

            “What do you mean?” a quizzical Penny challenged.

            “Haven’t you ever read what the apostle Paul wrote in I Corinthians 12:14? ‘For in fact the body is not one member but many.’ (NKJV)  Your value is in the fact that although we are different we work together equally as the body of Christ.  You should read the rest of the story.   It is talking about body parts but it should give you a clear picture of where we would be if we were all pens with no paper.”

            Her smile returning Penny said, “Thanks.  I will read that soon.”          

            “Now, what did you really think of my poem?” Pepe asked.

            “I like it.  I need you and you need me.  We complement each other because that is the way the Good Lord made us.”

            “Amen to that!  Now you are finally getting it."